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3 Reasons to Switch to Natural Fiber Clothing

These reasons made me start looking the tags on the clothes. I'm not perfect and you can still find some synthetic fibers among my clothes but I try to buy only natural fibers and even when that's not possible I read the tags to make sure the most of the garment is made from natural fibers.

So here are my reasons you should also switch to natural fiber clothing:

1. Natural fibers are comfortable and healthy to wear

Natural fibers provide natural ventilation making you comfortable in warm weather. They also make great insulators, both for the heat as for the cold.
On the other hand, synthetic fibers  are compact and lack ventilation what makes you sweaty and prone to skin irritation.

2. Natural fibers are good for sensitive skins

This has to do with point number one. Natural fibers are softer than synthetic what makes them feel very comfortable.
Synthetic fibers will make you end up with damp clothes in hot days and this will cause you health problems like acne, skin fungus, it can worsen your eczema... (You can read more about this here).

3. Natural fibers are a renewable resource

Unlike synthetic fibers that requires a numerous of chemicals and solvents to be created, natural fibers can be replenished with the passage of the time in a sustainable way.
Plants can be grown and harvested as many times as you want and animals produce a coat of fiber every year.

Some natural fibers are:

Cotton: durability, absorbency.
Linen: strength, healthy (antimicrobial).
Silk: Highly absorbent.
Wool: breathability, insulation, healthy (antimicrobial), absorbency.
Alpaca: strength, insulation, breathability, absorbency.

And you have switched to natural fibers? What are your reasons for it?

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